Duet european equity

What is Duet?

Duet European Equity is the new Unit-Linked designed by Omega Life in order to allow its clients to take advantage of equity markets’ fluctuations. Duet preserves the gains obtained by investors in favorable market conditions and re-invest when prices are more convenient (Market Cycle logic).

The innovative financial mechanism of Duet European Equity timely increases or reduces the exposure to European equity markets through a strategy customized for each client, taking into account the performance achieved and optimizing the timing of entry and exit from markets.

The european market

The European equity market nowadays represents an excellent opportunity for investors considering:
  • highly competitive market values
  • a general underweight of the European area in the portfolios of the major international investors
  • risk reduction thanks to the action of the ECB that is decided to support the peripheral countries of the eurozone

Dedicated to…

Affluent and Retail customers who wish to invest in equity markets through an innovative and personalized investment service.


  • to invest when prices are convenient
  • to adopt a rational and measured approach to investments
  • to consolidate the gains obtained